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EXTERNAL SUBMISSION PROCEDURE : The following procedure has been adopted by Blount Inc., and its subsidiaries, affiliates, and joint ventures (hereinafter collectively "Blount") to create a process for accepting ideas submitted by third party inventors ("Inventor" or "Submitter") and provide a clear understanding of the duties, responsibilities, and obligations of Blount and the Submitter, if any, created through the submission of this External Intellectual Property Disclosure Web Form.

1. The information contained on this page does not constitute legal advice.

2. Blount recommends that the Submitter consult with his/her own attorney prior to disclosing any idea to Blount and further recommends that Submitter disclose only ideas protected by an issued patent or a pending application for a patent.

3. Blount’s receipt of any information pursuant to this web page does not constitute an agreement to pursue any ideas or products, and does not constitute the formation of or intent to form any partnership, joint venture or other relationship with Submitter. Blount assumes no obligations with respect to the disclosure.

4. Blount’s review of a submitted idea is not an indication that the submitted idea has value. The submitted idea may have no value to Blount and/or Blount may decline further consideration or pursuit of the idea for any reason.

5. Blount may, but is not required to, negotiate with Submitter to acquire the patent rights to the idea. In the absence of a written agreement, Blount will have no obligation to compensate Submitter for any ideas submitted through this web form.

6. Blount’s products, processes and services, currently existing or under development, may be the same as or similar to a Submitter’s ideas. Submitter understands and acknowledges that the submission of an idea by Submitter in no way effects or changes Blount's ability to work on such identical or similar ideas, without any liability or obligation to the Submitter.

Form of Disclosure

If the disclosure is by way of letter, please identify the letter and generally summarize its contents here below. If the disclosure is made by personal interview, indicate the date and time of the interview and summarize the subject of the interview below:

After completion of the present form, including a summary (where applicable), sign and date below to indicate your acceptance of the above stated conditions, and to declare accuracy of the information contained herein. It should be understood that all oral disclosures made to Blount are subject to the same conditions set forth above whether summarized herein or not. No other past or future written or oral statements or agreements will in any way modify these conditions.  Submitter should retain a copy of this document.


*Describe the proposed idea:

Provide a brief account of the origin of the idea and the current stage of development, including dates of conception (e.g. brainstorming session, assigned project, etc.) and reduction to practice (e.g. development of prototype, models, etc.):

Have you disclosed the idea to anyone outside of Blount? If so, please specify. Disclosure includes oral or written disclosures, sales and offers for sale:

What is novel about the idea and what advantages does it have over the current state of the art? If there is any known prior art relevant to the idea, identify the art and how the idea distinguishes over it:

What problems does the idea solve and why would it be of value to Blount or to the market as a whole?

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